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  • I think it is because your categories are numbers. Categories have numerical id as well as a name which used to make an url, and determines how it resolves. Fortunately for you you can set the url (slug) without changing the name itself. what you …
  • when did you submit you blog? I'm guessing more than three days.
  • I suppose you could have this feature too, but if goes against the grain of simply replying. I think having a notification option makes sense they could always turn it off. After all, it is the same conversation view / threaded email and it would c…
    in New Feature Comment by x00 March 11
  • I'm not really a fan of that header. Are you saying the reply should be marked important? That is a a tall ask for a user. Confirmation would be from he plugin not the service, so could make it a user setting, along with notification.
    in New Feature Comment by x00 March 11
  • I am wondering if it might be an idea for the user replying by email to get some feedback, such as a return email saying it was posted successfully, or the context doesn't exist or may have been deleted?
    in New Feature Comment by x00 March 11
  • I reckon this that bug in window's live with quoted printable. is not standard and is suspiciously like windows
  • Anyone is welcome to beta test, there is no obligation to stay. Just PM me otherwise I might ignore your application.
    in New Feature Comment by x00 March 10
  • You probably don't two interfaces you your forum anyway. The Embed system is overrated, but can be used effectively on private member sites. As embed uses a bunch a of JavaScript anyway, unless you know what you are doing I wouldn't mess with that…
  • wrong pale
  • @Rajio don't use the porter for upgrading your forum, follow the upgrade instructions in the README Upgrade an importing are completely different things and should not be confused.
  • if you mean posts that is already the case, by default. What formatter are you using? HTML, Markdown, BBCode?
  • It is worth searching question like this.
    in Used editor here? Comment by x00 March 9
  • It is hard to make a successful site, it about more than just software. The thing is with google stuff, is people don't want to think about it much, they just to find out and do it. If you were posting about unique solution every day that would be…
  • @K17 said: They have said before that they would rather not people use their logo which is a trademark, or people pass themselves as as official vanilla sites. Maybe their view has changed but I doubt it. If somethign is not packaged as part o…
  • @K17 You should come up with your own theme rather than coping, there is a difference between OS software an copying someone's brand or passing yourself as the French You would need permission to to do that, esp…
  • Category view has plenty of hooks you can use, category module you can override.
  • jackmaessen read up up on MVC frameworks. Just becuase something says index or php doesn't mean you using for output.
    in javascript error Comment by x00 March 8
  • If your forum is really tiny you could have auto-refesh. Otherwise don't bother unless you have the server resources to match, as not so scalable. Then you would want to modern method like websockets. Ajax auto refresh, you only need you users to l…
  • It is worth googling errors like this.
    in Error: (2)... Comment by x00 March 7
  • why on earth would you place it in index.php?
    in javascript error Comment by x00 March 7
  • If using it purely as cache layer, there isn't a much advantage over other cache layers. If redis is used as a data structure server it is then it has an advantage, but that it quite a big change in architecture.
    in Redis Cache Layer Comment by x00 March 6
  • @TheSkiMC that is all very well, but sometimes the first solution isn't the best one. In html5 this attribute is not longer supported. It is a remnant from html3. css gives you more control over the background, and has greater compatibility.
  • There is virtually no difference It has barely changed.
    in PHPass Comment by x00 March 4
  • @vrijvlinder there was an article on how many companies reverted to just using a link, becuase even the body that was enforcing realised that rules were unenforceable, that they couldn't even do it themselves. Contract lack allows consent under ter…
    in Great plugin! Comment by x00 March 2
  • Whilst coding standard is important, it far from he most important thing as far as pre-checks are concerned. Though I do appreciate if someone is to review, then it needs to be to their satisfaction, to be worth their while. Vanilla had a sort stan…
    in Code reviews Comment by x00 March 2
  • @Rich2020 said: That is fantastic. However, am I able to make requests so that a user can, for example, edit their profile (the parts supplied by Vanilla)? The user will need to be able to modify things like their avatar, add friends, remove f…
    in Dot NET Comment by x00 March 2
  • I meant the externally through the API. If you are extending the profile, you can do what you want. You just add the feature that you want to the profile with a plugin. If you add information through ->SetData, that information will be available…
    in Dot NET Comment by x00 March 2
  • @Rich2020 said: I would usually consider using the profile 'as is', but i need to remove some features, add some new ones and so am really just after 'some' of the features of Vanilla. Because of this, i need to be able to load profile info in…
    in Dot NET Comment by x00 March 2
  • Why not use the vanilla profile as the base? No need to replicate this in .NET. Simple API is for the customers. It is not part of self hosted OS version. If you want to retrieve information from vanilla from their profile you ca…
    in Dot NET Comment by x00 March 2