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  • pretty much any link on any site in any modern browser you can can drag to favourites. You don't need a plug-in for that.
  • There are plenty of tools and service out there to facilitate working together. I'm not sure what you are trying to do thought, what it the actual objective? Because themes have little to do with Internationalisation issue other then font and a fe…
  • Vanilla is good option for development flexibility and branding. if you don't want that try something else. I never try an convince people use a software they don't want to use. phpBB has improved greatly and I like it for what it is, but still has…
    in Why Vanilla ! ? Comment by x00 August 19
  • @Persian Tiger said: I cannot Understand What Does This Line Mean !? Take your own initiative. ابتکار عمل خود را.
    in Why Vanilla ! ? Comment by x00 August 19
  • @Persian Tiger said: Why Should i use vanilla that Doesn't Have Simple Plugins and It's not an Adult Script Instead a Big and Pluginful Script ? ? A car doesn't have a motorcycle, next question. If you are a pro php developer then develop …
    in Why Vanilla ! ? Comment by x00 August 19
  • better than hot pink.
    in Smurfette Comment by x00 August 18
  • General rules for nginx are at best guidance. Server config is a specific art.
  • There is nothing wrong with crowd funding in principle. It is a question of how many serious parties there are. It is up to you to seek funding rather than the developer per say in this case. From a developer pov people are very keen at the begin…
  • an issue that has been fixed but is not in 2.1
  • The master branch is usually alpha, so it is not better than beta. Sorry I didn't have time to have look at what you are using.
  • Make sure you have installed php-memcahed not php-memcache enable caching in vanilla: $Configuration['Cache']['Enabled'] = TRUE; $Configuration['Cache']['Method'] = 'memcached'; that is all. You can check it is running with watch "echo stats | …
  • Thanks, I'll look into it. Though it's CPU, and not memory, that mysql is now consuming. Memory caching will reduce the dependence on quering which uses up cpu, as well as storage i/o
  • @mtschirs report issues on github
  • I is usually large, activity is mostly crap you can purge it periodically. in crontab add this 00 3 * * * mysql -u username -p pass forumdb -e "DELETE FROM GDN_Activity WHERE ActivityTypeID NOT IN ( SELECT ActivityTypeID FROM GDN_ActivityType WHER…
  • Activity table?
  • Browser cache?
  • Say I copy it exactly and release as GPL3, I can't force people who have distributed it under GPL2 to update their licence, as I'm not the originator, and come later. If people derive my code, as it was identical to the originator, they can claim th…
  • If the core was GPL3 you couldn't distribute it under GPL2.
  • @mtschirs said: Yes, you are explaining that Vanilla core is GPL2, but Vanilla says on its github repository that all content including core is GPL2 or any later (i.e. GPL3). I think this is something Vanilla should clarify. Not really they …
  • @mtschirs said: x00: Also: - seems Vanilla didn't update its licensing information everywhere. I'm just explaining that vanilla core is GPL2, yes you are free to distribute under a later lice…
  • @mtschirs said: x00: I disagree with your first and agree with your second paragraph, never said anything else How can you disagree with the first? GPL2. You are saying becuase it …
  • Vanilla is GPL2, you can licence a fork as GPL3, but Vanilla itself is not GPL3, the licence is clearly included. GPL3 is more restrictive than GPL2. The contributor agreement is not the licence the and the licence doesn't require the contributor's…
  • @mtschirs said: What? They could very well dual-license their own code. That is probably the main reason why contributors have to sign Contributor's agreement is about contributing to their code base (e.…
  • @mtschirs said: It was not my choice to release Vanilla under GPL2/3. It hasn't been released GPL3 thankfully. @mtschirs said: Sorry, but the only difference between AGPL and the current GPL would be that copyleft provisions will be t…
  • @mtschirs said: But they are quite clever about handling the GPL restrictions of Vanilla. They offer their modified Vanilla as a service only, i.e. they do not distribute their modifications and thus are not required to publish their sourcecod…
  • @Bleistivt said: Kind of a shady business pratice there, unless you have actually signed up to get advertisement from them. I've stumbled upon them a few times in the past. Their design is nice, but it looks really limited in terms of …