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Merry Christmas and have a happy new year!


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  • @ItsVizionTv said: If VanillaForums gives me the correct IP address on my user list then I don't need this plugin? If you're using Cloudflare and your users have their correct IP addresses without the plugin enabled, it's likely that your…
  • Cloudflare serves as a reverse proxy for your website when Cloudflare services, particularly the CDN feature, are enabled for a domain. As a result, every visitor's IP becomes hidden to the origin server, the location where your website is hosted, b…
  • Welcome to the community! Are you using Vanilla 2.2 or 2.3b1? This is the Vanilla 2.3 category, but that is currently in beta and not production-ready. Check out the Karma Bank plugin or the Yaga application. Since Vanilla 2.2, a new plugin ca…
    in Hey! Comment by Shadowdare August 12
  • Do this to show error messages: Set $Configuration['Debug'] = TRUE; in your conf/config.php to reveal full error messages. Remember to remove it when you are done (Troubleshooting Vanilla). Then, try to modify the roles in the dashboar…
  • @rbrahmson, Vanilla's comment embed or even the Articles app for Vanilla is great if you have a forum and community that takes registrations. It can be set to create discussions in one category. Also, you can load Vanilla modules via JavaScript or i…
  • Many nginx guides will state that in order for many other PHP scripts to get the correct the PATH_INFO variable, your PHP-FPM config should have this setting cgi.fix_pathinfo = 0 so that the scripts can rewrite URLs. On the other hand, I believe tha…
  • @R_J, thanks for the suggestion! PermissionModel's getUserPermissions() does the trick with some extra processing of the array it returns. Still, it's good to use as a workaround for now.
  • I've also noticed this behavior on Vanilla 2.2.1 recently. New members would be placed in the "Members" role instead of the "Unconfirmed" role. In my case, the default roles have been set up correctly, the email confirmation required option is enabl…
  • Basic Pages Version 2.1.7 released. Changelog: v2.1.7 * Reduce UrlCode column length to support utf8mb4 * Prevent breaking existing routes * Use val instead of depreciated arrayValue Special thanks to @Bleistivt for contributing these…
  • @hgtonight, is it easy to deploy Laravel migrations to a production website? Does Laravel encourage a database first design model, as opposed to a code first design, to go alongside the migrations?
  • @vrijvlinder, I believe those vulnerabilities with TinyMCE have been fixed. Which editor is the most user-friendly to you? CKEditor looks pretty clean to me. I'm looking to integrate a WYSIWYG editor with the Articles app to help authors write m…
  • What is the error message?
  • @Spacing, the official SteamConnect plugin I linked to on GitHub works for me. I just tested SteamConnect out on a Vanilla 2.2 forum with same version as that's in the GitHub repo, v1.0.0. The Vanilla Forum has OpenID registration and the Steam Web …
  • Try this one:
  • @djdrey, I had put this idea on hold since Vanilla 2.2 was about to be released a several months after I made the post, and haven't revisited it yet. Are you considering developing one on your own?
  • @hgtonight said: FileUpload is still the addon that handles file uploads in the advanced editor. The Advanced Editor doesn't require the FileUpload plugin to upload files.
  • Pull request submitted for extending drafts to store types and attributes and add events for save:
  • With shared hosting, the resources you're provided with, such as the disk space and memory, are shared with other web hosting clients. It's up to the host to set up the server software you need. You won't have access to lower-level system resources …
  • Thanks for reporting. This is a known issue. See:
  • I have completed a lot of the main features and pushed out the latest code in the develop branch of the Articles GitHub repository. Alpha Testing I would like help from other developers and members who are interested in testing the current de…
  • I'll look into better guest comments moderation. Also, for the next Articles release, everything has been rewritten anew based on Vanilla discussions. Accordingly, users will be able to bookmark articles like they could with discussions and set noti…
  • I've been keeping up development of the rewrite and everything's progressing well so far. Articles are essentially discussions that have their Type field set to Article. I've created another table in the database to store article data for discuss…
  • For approving comments, are you referring to only guest comments or also user comments?
  • @steam said: I said in my question I have deactivated activity, and now activity starts with discussions list but I want it starts with another page, not discussion list. I have added this line on my config file already. Sorry that I mis…
  • Add this line to your /conf/config.php file and the profile start page should become the profile discussions list: $Configuration['Garden']['Profile']['ShowActivities'] = false;
  • Just uploaded v2.1.6 in which the BodyBox has been replaced with a simple TextBox. Editor plugins won't show up in the Basic Pages edit pages anymore, but you can still use the various formatting methods.
  • The bug is that the assets for the editor plugin aren't being loaded in the admin dashboard. The same goes for any other editor plugin as well. I'll release a fix for this soon that will remove editor support and replace the "BodyBox" with a simple …
  • A feature called "About the Author" was added in Articles 1.1.1. It requires setting an author bio for the user, but it does show the avatar next to the box under articles.
  • Is this with Articles 1.1.1?