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  • Can you tell me which file saves error log? M a newbie
  • I tried eeping them initially in diff folder but it said merged coz i thought that cookie will expire if it access diff folders. So what are you meaning exactly? Keep CI app n Vanilla in separate folders? Then change the logon url of proxyconnect a…
  • load->helper('jsconnect'); echo "44"; // 1. Get your client ID and secret here. These must match those in your jsConnect settings. $clientID = "1797267416"; $secret = "e17ed14b7852af2691f9b95217e50cee"; if(isset($_COOKIE["U…
  • I have my own cms, with its own table and users. Now i wanna integrate vanilla and my cms so that i have common users table. Thats all i am trying to do. I have configured proxyconnect by giving auth url/sign in url and all. When i try login fr…
  • Yup i had that initially, but it wont access the file.. Thats why i changed function.jsconnect.php to a dir outside my cideigniter app directory. But how to verify its working? It shows blank page when i click on the link directly. Or can you hel…
  • Guys please help me.. its urgent
  • @sahotataran Thanx but its not md5 once right? I meant how to make my password exactly same hash as the one stored in vanilla DB so that i can compare them both !
  • Yup i am going through proxyconnect plugin documentation but m unable to understand the part about setting up cookies. Can you help me please? I mean where i have to insert the code of setting the cookies? And is there any other way to change …