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jmonroe New

Theming Vanilla forums seems to be super easy versus other forum software.


New Orleans
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  • I second using MailChimp. I used it for my business to send out emails to my clients and prospects and it's an excellent tool.
  • Thanks for chiming in @peregrine. Much appreciated information.
  • Alright...its coming along now. I am getting a better understand as what to change by using Inspect Element...I even added something to change the font that the style.css file controlled. It was bolding the word Share on the I added this…
  • Thanks for the bit of knowledge x00
  • Found it using Chrome...and found it in the css sheet actually...the comment about the shading is on the end of the line. .Tabs li, .SubTab { padding: 5px 8px; display: inline-block; border-radius:3px; background:#ddd;} /*Changes the shading aro…
  • Sounds good. I notice that under the tab inbox...all the buttons have borders...and under discussions, the all discussions button has it. Also...the search box Go button and Share button for post have a shadow on the text. Driving me crazy. For you.…
  • One other working with your annotated css do I remove the border around the all discussions box and around inbox?
  • I have no problem with leaving them as they are...I just needed to make sure so I know. I am trying to learn and didn't know if they were standard or not. Do you know of a reference that would state what all of the titles are that are used in the Va…
  • Got another question for you WHU606...I am going over your custom.css sheet...are things such as .Datalist .Alt and .Item always what the sections called in the templates for Vanilla? or is that what the designer wishes them to be referred to as? Do…
  • WHU606...thanks for the demo. I am going to look over it now and try and learn something. I used to do a lot of programming back in the day but never stuck with it...I mainly dealt with hardware and servers, networking, VoIP systems, etc....I also g…
  • I can see that the steps to do so is very troubles is not knowing CSS and selectors. I really like the page. Thats a nice layout.
  • Thanks again 422! Time to get reading and practicing. Need to put the CSS Web Design Dummies book on my nook so I can read at night too.
  • I just so happen to have that book and am reading it. I was hoping that I could make it look like I wanted and then break it up but I guess's really time to start using CSS more than I do now. Thanks 422.