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Naming Conventions & Core Cleanup: Your Thoughts

MarkMark Vanilla Staff
edited January 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 Help
Todd and I have been talking about doing some housekeeping to the core application. Many of the classes in the core are currently prefixed with "Gdn_". This is, of course, done to avoid name clashes with classes from other libraries. The "Gdn_" is intended to mean "Garden".

There are a number of classes that have not yet adopted this naming convention throughout Garden, and NONE of the convenience functions in library/core/functions.*.php use this convention. The functions pose a big problem as you get into things like including an external application's templates in a Vanilla template (or vice versa).

It has also been bugging us that Vanilla is the product, and Garden isn't really understood by very many people. We'd like to get rid of the name Garden altogether, and just call the product Vanilla, change the garden application name to "Dashboard", change all functions, class names, and table names to be prefixed with "vn" instead of "Gdn_", and change the GitHub repo to be located at something more like

Obviously this is a huge set of changes, but we feel that these are extremely important changes to make before (a) more people adopt the code and start developing with it, and (b) an official release of Vanilla 2 comes out.

We'd like to know what the community developers (you guys!) think before we take any action.


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