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This discussion is related to the Vanoogle addon.
i'd love if this could be integrated more seamlessly into the vanilla interface. perhaps if it could replace the default vanilla search box easier, and without the 'close' button there (instead put the close button on the popup)?

also if the plugin could stick the search box code where the theme is sticking the vanilla search box, it would help with positioning.

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  • ddumontddumont ✭✭
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    Even if you use a custom theme you should be able to use CSS to get what you want w.r.t positioning the search box.

    I need a new form element for the search box, so you would just have to find where in the theme css you are using it defines the style for the search box and apply the same styles to the google search one.

    What does the DOM look like when you turn on the vanilla search? Do you have a test site where you can leave the search on so I can take a look?

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