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[Solved] How can i change notification mail name text!?!?

edited October 2011 in Questions
When i recive a notification the text of mail is "Support", i need to change this text with the name of my site.. anyone know how can i change it?

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  • jspautschjspautsch Themester ✭✭✭
    edited October 2011 Answer ✓
    Check the settings in Dashboard > Settings > Outgoing Email

    Is that what you're looking for?
  • x00x00 MVP
    Answer ✓
    in locale it is called $Definition['EmailNotification']

    In previous version there is a locale bug, which means many of the defaults are not copied over. Best advice is copy the definitions of applications/dashboard/locale/en-CA/defintions.php to your own locale.

    These are the email defs;

    $Definition['EmailHeader'] = 'Hello {User.Name}!
    $Definition['EmailFooter'] = '
    Have a great day!';

    $Definition['EmailInvitation'] = 'Hello!

    %1$s has invited you to join %2$s. If you want to join, you can do so by clicking this link:

    $Definition['EmailMembershipApproved'] = 'Hello %1$s,

    You have been approved for membership. Sign in now at the following link:

    $Definition['EmailWelcome'] = '%2$s has created an account for you at %3$s. Your login credentials are:

    Email: %6$s
    Password: %5$s
    Url: %4$s';
    $Definition['EmailPassword'] = '%2$s has reset your password at %3$s. Your login credentials are now:

    Email: %6$s
    Password: %5$s
    Url: %4$s';
    $Definition['EmailConfirmEmail'] = 'You need to confirm your email address before you can continue. Please confirm your email address by clicking on the following link: {/entry/emailconfirm,url,domain}/{User.UserID,rawurlencode}/{EmailKey,rawurlencode}';
    $Definition['EmailWelcomeRegister'] = 'You have successfully registered for an account at {Title}. Here is your information:

    Username: {User.Name}
    Email: {User.Email}

    You can access the site at {/,url,domain}.';
    $Definition['EmailWelcomeConnect'] = 'You have successfully connected to {Title}. Here is your information:

    Username: {User.Name}
    Connected With: {ProviderName}

    You can access the site at {/,url,domain}.';
    $Definition['PasswordRequest'] = 'Someone has requested to reset your password at %2$s. To reset your password, follow this link:


    If you did not make this request, disregard this email.';
    = '%1$s

    Follow the link below to check it out:

    Have a great day!';
    $Definition['EmailStoryNotification'] = '%1$s

  • camocamo New
    edited October 2011 Answer ✓
    You can change this at

    $Configuration['Garden']['Email']['SupportName'] = 'Support';


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