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Anonymouse plugin doesn't work for 2.0.18? (continued thread)*

edited January 2012 in Questions

I was using 2.0.17, but I decided to upgrade to 2.0.18 so that the Buttons plugin would work. But I have created some problems for myself - Anonymouse and Google signin plugins no longer work, and I see Google Signin is no longer even listed.

For a small forum, facilitating guests and newcomers to post using these two plugins can be very helpful (plus a Facebook signin plugin would be great!). Does anyone have any plans to fix up these plugins, or would I be better to reinstall 2.0.17 and do without the Buttons?

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  • No error messages. It just puts the signin box on screen when you try to post as a guest.

    The problem seems to be that the settings are not "sticking", so it keeps reverting to having none of the categories checked in the dashboard.

  • Does anyone have any suggestions please?

    Are there any alternatives to Anonymous and Google signin plugins, which don't work with Vanilla 2.0.18? Or are they going to be repaired? Or do I have to go back to 2.0.17 if I want them??

    I'd really appreciate any help available please. Thanks.

  • It turns out that I was a dummy! (It happens all too often!!) I now have Google Signin working, thanks.

    I will follow up re Anonymous. Your plugin is an interesting one but not what I was looking for thanks. My objective is not so much to allow anonymous comments, but to reduce the barriers to casual visitors making a comment.

    Thanks for a prompt reply.

  • same problem here. Google Plus not getting integrated. so sad:(

  • The settings are "sticking". The problem is with reading the checked categories

    public function PostController_Render_Before($Sender) {
            $Session = Gdn::Session();
            if ($Session->IsValid()) return;
            $Sender->Form->SetValue('YourName', $this->CookieName());
            if (strtolower($Sender->RequestMethod) == 'discussion') {
                $CategoryModel = new Gdn_Model('Category');
                $Permission = self::Config('Category', ArrayValue('Vanilla.Discussions.View', $Session->GetPermissions()));
                $CategoryModel->SQL->WhereIn('CategoryID', $Permission);
                $Sender->CategoryData = $CategoryModel->GetWhere(array('AllowDiscussions' => 1));

    Something with the category model when reading categories, Maybe some one better versed in the category selection can give an answer.

    Monetary Donations will be appreciated if you use my plugins. Thanks in Advance.
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