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You should grab 2.1.9, released 18 March. It's what all the cool kids are doing.

Bugs in Importing Procedure (v

edited March 2012 in Feedback

Two bugs I have had to personally fix to import phpbb2 data into vanilla forums.

First: class.upload.php
Fatal error when attempting to move uploaded file.

Line 211: $Target = PATH_LOCAL_UPLOADS.'/'.$Parsed['Name'];
Modified: $Target = $Parsed['Name'];

Second: class.importmodel.php
Query Failure when updating count on run "9". (Discussion Comments)

Patch: Add to Line 466:

if(strtolower($Aggregate) == "sum"){
             $Result = "update :_$ParentTable
                 JOIN (
                    SELECT $ChildJoinColumn, SUM($ChildColumnName) 
                    AS ccsum 
                    FROM :_$ChildTable 
                    GROUP BY $ChildJoinColumn
                 ) AS t2 
                ON :_$ParentTable.$ParentJoinColumn = t2.$ChildJoinColumn
            return $Result;

Hope this helps, didnt find your repo so couldnt issue bug.

Also, unable to post in developers forum.



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