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  • Chaoskaizer, thanks for your instruction.
  • Does it work with friendly urls?
  • Has anyone got this to work with php4? I have not tried yet. I was just checking.
  • Okay, I was able to get this work on PHP4 and Vanilla 1.1.4

    This is what I had to do.

    Change everywhere there is a date('c' to date('Y-m-d'

    Follow the steps here from above chaoskaizer Sitemaps # 30

    however, you don't need these two lines unless you have these pages or extensions installed.
    Instead of the above directions do this:
    On Line 229, Change this

    if ($Context->SelfUrl == 'extension.php' AND ForceIncomingString('PostBackAction','') == 'sitemap.xml'){

    Now, for those of you who use a forum in a subdirectory,

    I recommend you read:
    Basically, you have a sitemap index file on your webserver root, This sitemap index file then will direct the search engine to the various sitemaps you might have in different directories.

    Another FYI: Sitemaps can only contain 50,000 URL's and be a max size of 10MB.
  • I noticed that discussions that are marked as members only are showing up in my sitemap. How do I change the $sql->AddWhere clause to only have discussions that are public?
  • I think it must be useful to write Sitemap generated by this addon into .xml file using Cron.
    I tried to do this by following cron record every hour:
    php /path/to/vanillainru/www/extension.php?PostBackAction=sitemap.xml >/path/to/vanillainru/www/sitemap.xml

    sitemap.xml generates but it's 0 bytes empty file.
    What am I doing wrong?

    Russian Vanilla community
  • @RusCom: Couldn't you just use mod rewrite or htaccess rules to handle that?
  • Yeah, right. I made it using rewrite rule, thanks.
  • Can you tell me the exact path to add this sitemap to google coz its give me an error regarding the path
  • Mmmm, any clues on how to implement that rewrite rule, RusCom? Thanks...
  • Also, Maybe I didn't read very well, but: When does the sitemap get updated? I think it should generate an actual file sitemap.xml. Why hasn't this extension get an update... :(
  • Greetings !

    I am tuCloud the man with a plan and I recently installed 0.1 (still i notice) of this extension.

    I need to give my special thanks to the user here called CHAOSKAIZER, who not only posted here all of the little tweak instructions i needed to get it working, also seems to be part of a top-notchg manga site that i took some time looking into.

    I always loved manga :)

    Thank you very much for this all of you. The sitemap generator extension works like a dream but if I may I did have a few questions, mailnly relating to my own understanding of the matter rather than a technical support question.

    Stupid question maybe but I want to see if my thinking is correct (noob) Am I right in thinking that what this extension basically produces a nice fresh sitemap for which ever search engine spider comes along and asks for one ?

    Am I right in thinking that this extension producing that sitemap should dramatically affect search engine rankings for sites implementing this with words from the forums contents getting picked up easier OR do Category and Discussion names get picked up easier ?

    As advised by ChaosKaizer I am looking at my sitemap pasted below and I have to say its the maddest looking sitemap I have ever seen. Could someone take a quick glance at it for me to see if it looks ok because I am not too experienced and up until now my sitemaps have been dirt simple.

    I cant understand this layer of complexity in my sitemaps. Please advise !

  • We are waiting long for the the update. When are you going to upload man.
  • Hi, I'm adding my forum to an existing website where I already have a robot.txt file.

    Should I create a new robot.txt file in the forum folder? example: vs adding the site map directions to my existing robot.txt file? thank you.
  • Hello when I go to
    I don't see the sitemap ... is this normal ? ..... Thanks
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