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Edit Buttons

edited January 2010 in Questions
This discussion is related to the Edit Buttons addon.
Edit Buttons


  • I made a minor update to the package to make configuration a bit easier.
  • Great idea, thanks
  • I just discovered that the graphic buttons on this extension don't appear in the latest version of IE unless the user goes to "Tools" and checks the "Compatibility View" option.

    Apparently IE takes issue with the CSS I used. The extension works fine in Safari and FF. If anyone wants to take a crack at updating this so it works with IE without the "Compatibility View" intervention, I would welcome it!

  • Doesn't work. Indeed it removed ALL formatting rendering my page as a basic html/text environment. Trying to revert to original then refresh leaves it the same. Assume I will have to reinstall Vanilla to fix(?)
  • My apologies. The previous comment refers to another app., not this one.
  • But, this doesn't work either. It shows in the Extension Manager, is checked, but no function, even with refresh.
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