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VanillaJixBar !

edited October 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 Help
This discussion is related to the Vanilla Jixbar addon.
I just installed. Very easy to put it running although all small icons are not being displayed when you open any discussion, only perfect on first page ! (does it happen with you too?)


  • AdrianAdrian Marketing guy for Vanilla Montreal Vanilla Staff
    change the image path in default to


    it will show then :)

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  • This customization could (and should) be done via the Dashboard and config settings. I will take a look at the code later on and see what I can do if you don't want to take a crack at this.

  • AdrianAdrian Marketing guy for Vanilla Montreal Vanilla Staff
    edited October 2010
    @cdavid, you are truly a great community member. In all honesty its not that I didn't want to add the customization via dashboard, I could not really figure out how to do it. I am self taught PHP, and I thought the best way to practice would be to help the community by creating addons. If you could teach me or show me how to do on this plugin, I will be able to learn and apply to the other ones I am working. For example, I was trying to figure this out for creating polls. I have an idea for an ajax poll plugin, but could not figure out how to get things to work via the backend. Thanks again for your support. I really appreciate it.

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  • Sure, I have done that already for some plugins... I will adapt the plugin sometimes soon, hopefully. I am also self-taught, but the need to do stuff has taught me well.

    I'm doing my master's still, homework due tomorrow, quiz tomorrow and some other homeworks up for the week-end, so not much time. But be sure that whenever I get bored of them, I will start hacking on this :)

  • AdrianAdrian Marketing guy for Vanilla Montreal Vanilla Staff
    Hey cd good luck with the homework/exams. Look forward to learn from you as well so I can apply to other plugins ;)

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  • phreakphreak - #1 Themeshop for Vanilla MVP
    Cool stuff, for all others who are looking for a demo:

    Its the grey and floating application on the bottom. - Great Themes and Skins for Vanilla
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  • Very neat! Though floating in the middle of the page on my iphone browser.
  • AdrianAdrian Marketing guy for Vanilla Montreal Vanilla Staff
    @Desmanthus, I was not able to fix this, but if the plan in this thread works out, we will have a fully functional iPhone theme :)

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  • where can i modify the code of bar and add the dacebook like button and translate de "Get Social" text.

    Thanks in advance
  • AdrianAdrian Marketing guy for Vanilla Montreal Vanilla Staff
    Sorry I was not able to answer sooner. To change "Get Social" modify the Alt text on line 136 in default.php

    Like button might not work, as the bar is site wide. It is beyond the scope of my plugin.

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  • how can I put that bar on top of my forum?
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