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opinions wanted: do categories even make sense today?

edited November 2011 in Feedback
trying to keep this short: i was having some issues setting up categories (issue with auto-increment) - and so i saw the BRILLIANT option to "not use categories' in the default installation

and then it dawned on me: categories feel old school, like folders - versus tagging, hashtags, @user attributes and so on....

are any of you running high-volume forums with zero categories and only tags? and in these cases, have you done any custom pages to present tags or hashtags differently?

i completely understand the argument for categories, like a gaming forum with different consoles, game types, etc - but one could argue just as well that a standard set of tags like 360 or ps3 would serve users just as well, provided there were an ability to perform multi-attribute searches and drill-downs (tags within tags, similar to how one plugin allows for tags within categories, just a step away from categories)

is there a plugin that might allow for "tagging tags" to extend drill down (multi-faceted) searches?


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