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Vanilla 2 Public Beta



  • A few weeks at least, based on the type of checkins that are still going into the main branch.
  • edited July 2009
    Also, just to whet people's appetites for the things you can do with Garden, here's a screenshot of the application I've written for it:

    Users have friends lists, can invite others to be friends (and receive emails, notifications and activity entries), can join a general chat room for site wide chat, or open individual chat windows with people on their friends list. It's a stripped down version of what Facebook does. It's cost me a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get it to this point but I can say that Garden is going to be pretty kickass when it's ready to roll.
  • is it going to have the group feature?
  • @saladyears Do you plan on releasing that app? I know a bunch of my users would much prefer that, opposed to using IRC.
  • I'm trying to write it in such a way that it can be packaged up, but it's still going to require a lot of setup for the backend, which is currently running a Meteor comet server ( You pretty much cannot run a comet server on a shared host, which may be limiting for a lot of people.
  • saladyears - thanks for the update on vanilla 2. By the way, will vanilla (and addons) still remain free? Love the look of your new application. Garden is gonna offer so many great opportunities.
  • I a writing a friends application at the moment aswell, but haven't got the chat (although i do have a chat script lined up) :p oh well. i will release mine anyways and then work on something new, maybe we could team up at some point. I have a javascript comet working with a php script that would work for everyone.
  • good work, Immersion.

    It's gonna be great to see Vanilla 2, whenever a stable version gets released (I tried a week ago to install version 2, but I had fatal errors on trying to install it).

    Looking for forward to the greatthemes that folks come up with.

    It's also great to see Jazzman back here again. And it would be amazing if someone comes up with a dating/social network type application. I know Jazzman, at one time in the past, was keen to create a dating application for Vanilla.

  • Jazzman used to create everything, i did some work with him for the to-do list plugin i believe. I vaguely remember writing the styling for a poll percentage bar aswell.
  • yes, Jazzman did some sterling work. I deployed his themes and many of his addons.

    I love this place. You are all so creative and talented.

    I have been keeping a website back, merely because of waiting for Vanilla 2. I usually go with SMF on websites these days. But Vanilla 2 has inspired me again (as was the case a few years back with Vanilla 1)

  • mattmatt ✭✭
    Really excited about this

    well done to Mark and Todd!
  • this is awesome. I can't wait for alpha.
    I wish we can add fields in the profile because I'm thinking of using this for my alumni site. I was thinking of Wordpress MU but this looks good too.
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