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Most wanted addons for Vanilla 2

edited June 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 Help
Post here your wanted addons for Vanilla 2.

Dear Santa,
I would like to download an addon that would allow any visitor to post just like I do in any WordPress blog, a kind of auto register/login when commenting. Let me illustrate:

-> User arrives from a Google Search Engine Page to a discussion page
-> User reads the discussion and has something to say
-> Instead of "where the hell is the register button?" he'll see a form beneath the discussion with 3 fields: name, email & message
-> After writing his message, and when pressing send, Vanilla would register him as a user, logging him automatically just like WordPress does
-> Whenever he visited the site again, he would be remembered by Vanilla: "How are you today? Do you want to recall what you did last summer?"

Dear Santa, I have behaved well, done my homework and didn't curse the whole year. I hope you can grant my wish.
Thanks. :)


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