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Invite-Only System



  • anybody checked it with 1.1.4?
    ps. i think i managed to handle this ext... still it should be interesting to add a possibility of a blank or fake page for guests
  • hi, it not work with version 1.1.5a, can you check and find for bug. please edit: find in Options->Registration Settings my fault :)
  • hi, i don't want users to ask for more invites. where can i block that? thanks
  • Not working for me either.

    I've got Vanilla 1.1.5a. I have activated the extension and then ticked "Invitation System On" in Registration Settings. Nothing appears on Account pages, there is no "Invitations" link as well.

    Am I doing something wrong or is the extension really not working?
  • ok, I have un-installed and installed again this add-on several times now, still no luck.

    I give up. Please help me, I see that some people got it working. Do I have to downgrade to 1.1.4? I can do that.
  • Damn it, downgrading to 1.1.4 didn't help either. I'll try a couple of earlier versions but this is getting really weird.
  • Have you added the permissions to sent invitation to your admin and user roles?
  • personally i'm not getting any errors and it appears i've been able to send out a few invites. none of the people i've sent invites to have received them, i'm hoping they're smart enough to check their junk folders....

    is there a way to check to see if they did indeed get them or if there was a problem sending to them?

    everything installed and i've found all the admin settings i needed to turn on too.

    hopefully it's not something asinine that i've done, do you have any thoughts on how i can find out if it's sending correctly?
  • Hello! I want to completely close my forum. I'd only like the admins to be able to invite people to it. Is there any way to set this up?
  • Does this work for vanilla 2?

  • there is already a built in an invite system for v2

    grep is your friend.

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